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ToroIT Services
We offer Office Solutions, Database Solutions, Web Solutions, Image Solutions. Additional software development services available upon request.
ToroIT Logo!
Software Development for ToroIT.com (Windows) 
Software Development for Web, Windows, and Mobile

ToroIT uses Visual Studio as the primary development environment, using Microsoft.Net, MS SQL, ASP.Net, C#.Net, VB.Net, and Windows Presentation Framework(WPF). ToroIT has also embraced Entity Data Model and Model-View-Controller(MVC) architecture. Web applications and Windows applications are the primary target solutions. Web Services and cloud-based solutions are also being developed.
Data Storage for ToroIT.com (Windows) 
Data Storage for Web, Windows, and Mobile

ToroIT uses MS SQL as the primary database storage server. Development of tables, stored procedures using the SQL Server Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development System. ToroIT also utilizes other mainstream data storage datbases and methods including MS SQL Express, MySql and XML formatted data.
Office Systems for ToroIT.com (Windows) 
MS Office Integration

ToroIT uses MS Office as an office application system. Integrating applications with Outlook, Word, Excel are productivity solutions for management of office systems. Converting competitive systems and outdated systems to MS Office solutions. Generating reports, documentation using Word. Generating data input/output solutions using Excel.
Bing Map Services for ToroIT.com (Web) 
MS Bing Integration for Web Solutions

ToroIT Bing Map Services for geopositional services. Integrating applications with Bing Maps for locating addresses and business locations.
Internet Products from ToroIT.com (Web) 
Internet Products and Services

ToroIT provides products and services such as web hosting, email services and more. ToroIT provides expertise for implementing these products.
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